2022 is here and dang, so much has happened.

Little did I know when I wrote my first blog for the website back in February 2021 that I would be where I am today – expanding Shana Fit. To be honest, my buddy told me blogs were a great addition to my website, but I kept putting it on the bottom of my to-do list as I continued to get busier and busier with the studio. Quite a blessing if you ask me.

When I thought about opening my studio in Spring of 2021, the feelings I felt are things I am sure every business owner experiences, I was anxious, scared, uncertain. This wasn’t my first time opening a fitness studio, but it was 100% mine. All mine. While I had the overwhelming support and love from my beautiful family and friends, I still felt all of the things. 

COVID, that ugly C word. It took a nasty toll on the fitness industry. It made no sense to me that gyms were considered non-essential. It happened not only once, but twice in one year. Trust me when I say as a business owner who experienced this, it will forever change you. I also felt rather numb from being burned in past relationships with people I trusted in the fitness industry. My goal was, is, and will always be to help as many people as I can find a passion in fitness, become healthy and happier, and to improve quality of life for those that walk into my studio. Finding out that others I once trusted had ulterior motives was like a punch in the gut. 

Fast forward to today — I am now doubling my space and class size at Shana Fit. Way more important then that though, I have met the most amazing humans. I’ve witnessed the excitement of people hitting speeds or grabbing weights they never thought they could. I’ve been the first to know for several pregnancy announcements and have the joy of training them during and after. I’ve gotten text saying how amazing someone feels, not only from the exercise but from the other people in the studio. I’ve seen some shy, quiet people turn into the chattiest in the room. I’ve been sent photos of people saying how much they love the way they look in a dress or suit. I’ve done pop-up workouts with the best local businesses and cheered many beers with my squad. Needless to say, these things confirm my decision was right to move forward with my dream and open Shana Fit. And to think I could’ve missed out on all of this because of self-doubt and being scared. Damn.

My wish to anyone that reads this is that you fucking go for it. GO FOR IT. Whatever it is that you are dreaming up. Big or small.

If you’re that person that proceeds with caution, that’s ok. Like I did – feel all of the things. But don’t let it stop you from doing something you are so damn passionate about. You may feel like you don’t have it in you. But why not YOU? Why someone else? Make a plan of action. Know that it may not go 100% as planned, but that can also be a beautiful thing. Find people that support you, and if they don’t, they can step to the side. Be confident, remind yourself why it’s important to you, come up with a plan and execute it.